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Eviction in Oregon during the COVID crisis

  • Governor’s order of April 1, says that no landlord may evict a tenant for nonpayment of rent, fees, utility charges. It prevents landlords from charging late fees. Eviction may still be filed for other causes, as allowed under ORTLA. This is more beneficial to renters than the county order and the county is going to follow the state rule. See Oregon Executive Order 20-13, Multnomah County has put in place similar protections, see

  • Anyone who is unable to pay their full rent, must notify the landlord as soon as possible (even if after the rent due date) and make partial payments to the extent they are financially able.

  • No late fee may be charged or collected for rent that is delayed for the reasons stated in the moratorium.

  • Court hearings on eviction proceedings will be suspended until April 30, 2020, or later.

  • Any place of lodging within

  • County, including hotels and motels, must accept and/or retain housing for any individual whose payment is subsidized by the County or a County contractor.

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