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Nuestra Lucha Sigue

El Programa Hispano is committed to fighting for social justice while providing immediate assistance to underserved families who, despite working tirelessly, still experience hunger, houselessness, and discrimination.

Join us in the fight for social change. Your support of El Programa Hispano helps us to elevate the voices of those often overlooked by society, the farmworkers, the immigrants, non-English speaker, survivors of domestic violence and all of those who contributions are undervalued, If not for people like you that care to work to make the community a better place for all.

Join Nuestra Lucha by becoming

A Guerrero/a - a gift of $100 dollar+ a month (starting at just $3/day).

You can fight hunger among latinxs children and seniors. Like provide monthly hot lunches to 10 seniors or daily nutritious snacks to 20 kids.

A Luchador/a - a gift of $50 dollar a month (or just $1.67 a day)

You ensure there is a safe place for DV survivors. This could provide emergency access to 15 people needing crisis support.

An Defensor/a - a gift of $25 a month (less than $1/day or 1 dinner out)

You help ensure the voices of the most marginalized are heard. This provides help to fight discrimination through services like our housing and immigration legal navigators.

An Aliado/a – a gift of $15 a month (the cost of 1 lunch out or .50 a day)

Support our information and referral services to ensure the community knows how to access critical services.

Your contribution and involvement at any level makes a huge different for our community and you become a part of our EPHC family! Just click the donate button above and select the "recurring" option to join our family.

Thank you for joining us in Nuestra Lucha

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