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Puentes Youth Summer Program

Updated: Jun 15

Puentes is a culturally-specific Ninth Grade Counts summer program that serves and helps Latinx youth, primarily in Multnomah County, transition from 8th grade to 9th grade. Puentes students' will be able to create connections with their peers, will familiarize themselves with high school settings and expectations to help that will support a successful transition. Students that participate and attend 75% or more of the Puentes program will also be eligible to received .5 credits towards their high school freshman year. Most, if not all of the sessions will be taught virtually. Programming will begin the week of July 6th, and will end on July 31st. Applications will be due by no later than Thursday, July 2nd.

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Puentes 2020 Application English
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Puentes es un programa cultural de Verano que apolla y ayuda a estudiantes Latinx en el condado de Multnomah con la trancision de 8 grado a 9 grado. Estudiantes de puentes que participen en nuestro programa podran hacer conexiones con otros estudiantes en nuestro program tambien, y podran familiarizarse con las expectativas de la preparatoria para tener una transicion exitosa. Estudiantes que atiendan 75% o mas de el programa de Puentes seran eligible para recibir .5 creditos para el comienzo de la preparatoria en el 9 grado. Tenga en cuenta que todas las sesiones serán virtualemente. El programa de verano comenzara la semana de Julio 6, y terminara Julio 31. Entrega las aplicaciones antes del Jueves, Julio 2.

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Puentes 2020 Application - Spanish
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